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OLIQUE™ Anti-Dandruff & Anti-Hairfall Oil Potion for Normal hair's unique and advanced formulation is developed based on the genomic information of the Dandruff causing fungus known as “Malassezia Species” and advanced research on Hairfall control & Hair conditioning. OLIQUE™ Advanced Hair oil potion works ALL DAY giving instant relief* from Hairfall, Dandruff and Itchiness ensuring shiny and healthy hair. Patent pending unique formulation design with Piroctone and Medium Chain Glycols (MCG)works 24 X 7 eliminating**Dandruff on continued usage. Unique blend of MCG with vitamins improves scalp condition and nourishes the hair strands from root to tip with deeper penetration and this visibly reduces Hairfall while ensuring shine and softness of the hair.

Clinical Results: OLIQUE™ Advanced Hair Oil Potion for normal hair (VB-001) has been clinically evaluated for efficacy and safety as “Anti-Hairfall formula and Anti-Dandruff formula”.

A 168 subjects randomized multicenter clinical trial of efficacy and safety as per GCP has been conducted in India in comparison with Anti Dandruff Marketed Shampoo has shown proven efficacy based on ASFS score, IGA pruritus and no side effects.

More than 90% people reported “ZERO Dandruff*” after 2 weeks of usage

More than 87% people reported visible reduction in Hairfall within 2 weeks of usage

About 100% consumer reported Zero itch related to Dandruff within 2 weeks of usage


*Thin and not visible flakes

Piroctine + MCG

Proprietary and patent Pending Blend

Ingredients: Mineral Oil, Cyclopentasiloxane, Medium Chain Glycol, Fragrance, Alcohol Denatured Piroctone Olamine, Tocopherol Acetate, Butylated Hydroxy Toluene

Take adequate quantity of the Hair Oil Potion depending on the length of your hair.
Apply it on your scalp with a gentle massage working from root to tip.
Apply and Leave it overnight or use it at least 2 hours before bath.
You can also be used for styling as well post bath.