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Q. What is the main cause of dandruff?
A. Oily skin, extreme weather change and excessive growth of Malassezia and hyperkeratinization are some of the main causes of the dandruff.
Q. Is frequent head wash recommended in dandruff?
A. Yes, a person should take head wash at least 2 to 3 times per week. If the scalp / hair are not washed regularly, oily matter from sebum and dead skin cells on the scalp can build up, causing scaling.
Q. Are anti-dandruff shampoos effective against dandruff treatment?
A. Use of anti-dandruff shampoo is recommended in person suffering from dandruff. Dandruff treatment usually takes 2 month to get rid of it, so patience is required to be able to see the desired outcome.
Q. Is dandruff curable?
A. Definitely, it just requires proper care of your scalp and use of suitable anti-dandruff shampoo for mild to moderate dandruff.
Q. What should be done in cases of severe dandruff?
A. Physician / dermatologist should be consulted for severe dandruff.
Q. Is dandruff is contagious?
A. Definitely not, but using of comb/hair brush of a person suffering from dandruff should be avoided.
Q. Definitely not, but using of comb/hair brush of a person suffering from dandruff should be avoided.
A. Anti-dandruff shampoos are an effective hair care package. Apart from its anti-dandruff effects, it also reduces the symptom of itching scalp. Regular shampooing will further help in better scalp hygiene, lesser sebum accumulation and lesser chances of dandruff too.
Q. How frequently should anti-dandruff shampoos be used for the best treatment regimen?
A. It is recommended to use it thrice a week. Be patient!! Generally it takes 2 months to get rid of dandruff.
Q. Does anti-dandruff rinse off product have side effects?
A. Shampoos and conditioners are safe and gentle to use every time you take head bath.
Q. Do I need to consult doctor before using anti-dandruff rinse off products?
A. No consultation is required If you are using any OTC product such as shampoo and conditioner for dandruff treatment. They are safe and well accepted.
Q. Relapse is one of the limitations of dandruff treatment. What should be done in this case?
A. It is true that dandruff comes back after anti-dandruff treatment is discontinued. Resume the use of anti-dandruff therapy to prevent it from coming back.
Q. Does dandruff occur only with people having dry scalp?
A. Dandruff can occur with people having both oily as well as dry scalp. However, severity may be different in both cases.
Q. Do people of all ages have dandruff?
A. Generally adults are more prone to dandruff conditions. Teenagers have mild dandruff (or less likely to have dandruff) as their sweat glands are less developed. Moreover, the androgenic hormones are less active at this age (androgenic hormones control the sebum secretion).
Q. Are all hair products good for dandruff?
A. Actually hair products are not good for dandruff. In contrast other products may worsen the condition. Moreover one should avoid foams or styling gels.
Q. Does blow drying reduce dandruff?
A. Blow drying, in contrast, can even worsen dandruff as it shifts the dandruff from one place to another.